Does Tens Therapy Work For Lower Back Pain Relief?

Tens therapy is a electrical nerve stimulation that uses low voltage to relieve pain. Many choose Tens therapy because it is a noninvasive method for relieving pain

Does Tens Therapy Work For Lower Back Pain ReliefThis stimulation is applied via a Tens machine which is a small portable device that has at least two diodes connected to it which you use to stick on your skin.

Tens therapy is used by many people to relief lower back pain, so YES tens therapy does work to relieve back pain.

How Does Tens Therapy Work For Lower Back Pain Relief?

The theory behind Tens treatment is that the low voltage stimulates your nerves which then cuts off the pain signals from your lower back to your brain.

When using a Tens unit there are many settings to choose and you need to work out which works best for you.  I recommend checking out this guide on How To Use a Tens Unit For Lower Back Pain.

You will need to work out what voltage setting to use on the machine, as well as how frequent the pulses should be set to.  Every person is different so start with the lowest setting and work your way up.

Placing the Tens electrodes in the correct location will also help hugely. Take a look at this article for the proper placement of the Tens units electrodes.

If you are looking to purchase a Tens unit I highly recommend you check out the iReliev Tens Unit.

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