Does Electrical Stimulation Help Carpal Tunnel?

Does electrical stimulation help carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes, it does.  One of the reasons TENS is so effective for carpal tunnel syndrome is its flexibility. The pad placement and location can be adjusted to meet an individual’s needs, as can the intensity settings.

TENS unit electrode placement for carpal tunnel will vary slightly from individual to individual.  However, the most effective introduction is to place one electrode pad in the palm of the hand and one on the wrist.

Then adjust the pads as needed and switch the intensity setting until you find a TENS treatment pattern that works best for you.  Electrical stimulation helps!

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TENS unit carpal tunnel gloves

The TENS unit allows as an added accessory the use of conductive gloves.  Directing the super healing current to the areas it is needed the most.  The gloves are used along with a conductivity spray, which is a solution to help channel the intensity to where you need it most.

The spray, helps to reduce skin impedance.  This removes the guess work out of where to place your electrodes when using a TENS machine.  TENS silver conductive gloves are the perfect way to get the best results from your TENS machine.

This then allows for the benefits of advanced all-round stimulation, the ideal solution for pain relief, improved circulation and greater mobility.

Carpal tunnel gloves are excellent for the treatment of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, arthritic pain and the reduction of post-operative swelling.  The gloves provide astounding therapy relief for the hands.  Plus, they can be used with all TENS or EMS machines.

Electrical stimulation for carpal tunnel during pregnancy

In pregnancy, however, treating nerve pain is difficult at best.  Many of the medications are not suited and compatible with pregnancy, and simple pain relief is often out of the question.

Understanding how to relieve carpal tunnel in pregnancy becomes a massive priority for you if you’re suffering from this painful condition.

Carpal tunnel syndrome essentially is a pinched nerve in the wrist, it is traditionally treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and steroids, but NSAIDs are unsafe during pregnancy, and steroids are only safe for limited use during the third trimester, noted a study in The Journal of Research in Medical Sciences.

Again, this scenario suggests an advantage to the TENS treatment as being a viable alternative for pain relief in pregnancy.

TENS has been used by pregnant women without any disclosed side effects for either mother or baby for many years. In clinical practice, TENS is not the first treatment of choice for women presenting with carpal tunnel pain during pregnancy.

However, if the pain remains a significant factor, then the TENS treatment is preferable over the use of strong medication that could move from the placenta to the foetus.

Where to place tens pads for hand pain

TENS unit electrode placement for carpal tunnel does vary from person to person.  However, the most effective way is to place one electrode pad in the palm of the hand and one on the wrist.  This allows the current to alleviate pain in the carpal tunnel area.


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