How high should I set my TENS Unit?

How high should I set my TENS UnitIt is advisable to try normal (N) mode for two weeks, then Burst (B) mode for two weeks and then figure out which setting is suitable and beneficial to you for another two weeks. If it is unclear that which mode is suitable to you, then stick to the modulation (M) mode.

Different settings of TENS Unit

There are 3 different settings for TENS Unit device.

  • Mode N – Normal
  • Mode B – Burst
  • Mode M – Modulation

Settings for weeks 1 & 2

It is recommended to use the following settings for weeks 1 and 2.

  • Pulse width 150Hz-180Hz
  • Mode Normal Pulse rate 120Hz – 150Hz
  • Settings for weeks 3 & 4
  • Pulse width 150Hz – 180Hz
  • Mode Bust Pulse rate 4Hz – 5Hz
  • Remaining weeks – Modulation (M) mode Settings
  • Mode Modulation
  • Pulse width 120Hz-180Hz
  • Pulse rate 120Hz -150Hz

Once you have figured out the setting that is helpful in reducing your pain, just stick to it. TENS Unit experience should bring relief to you. The settings should bring pleasant experience, or sensation just above the pain level.

If you find the pain fluctuating, turn the device up when your pain increases and down when your pain decreases. The TENS Unit will never make your pain condition worse.
Regular use of the Unit can also increase the probability of an individual building up a tolerance to the treatment.

What does TENS feel like?

TENS Unit offers pain relieving sensations. You may feel muscle twitching, pricking sensation, tingling, buzzing, or tapping. Sometimes TENS machine feels weaker or stronger. As you use it for longer durations and you wear it daily, you can increase the intensity.

Does it hurt if you set the TENS Unit very high?

TENS Unit never hurts. It is usually a safe device and there are no side effects from its usage. However, the users should maintain the settings at a stronger but comfortable intensity.
Can TENS Unit harm if it is set at a higher intensity?

No, the machine does no harm as such. However, for some individuals with sensitive skin, it may cause some skin irritation and discomfort from the patches.

Can I get shocked of the Unit in case the settings are kept very high?

The TENS machine offers a therapeutic and pain-relieving dosage of electrical stimulations in your body. Even if you keep the settings very high, it may cause some discomfort, but will not cause any harm.

In fact, the higher you keep the settings, and you are comfortable, the maximum pain relief you get.

The only way you can get a shock from TENS Unit is

  • The TENS Unit gets wet while you are using it
  • The wires of the Unit are damaged and you mistakenly touch them

Do I have to use my TENS machine daily?

You are free to use the TENS machine whenever you want. Some people use it only when they are suffering from severe pain, while others use it every day. The effectiveness of the pain relief increases after TENS Unit treatments are repeated again and again.

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