How to use a TENS Unit for hip pain?

How to use a TENS Unit for hip painHip forms the most durable and athletic joint in your body. The ball and socket joint of the hip ensures free movement in the most effective way.

These joints are supported by muscles that forms a capsule that secretes fluid to ensure lubrication of these joints. Given this support, it is highly unlikely for hip bone to dislocate, even under extreme conditions.

In the face of durability, the hip joint is not completely perpetual. With age and excessive pressure, the muscles get ruptured, causing wear and tear to the joints. In extreme conditions, this could even lead to breakage of hip bones.

This article is focussed into providing vital insight on what are the causes of hip pain and how can we use TENS Unit to help remediate this pain. If you are planning to buy a TENS Unit to help you get rid of hip pains, I suggest trying out this Unit.

Hip pain could be caused due to several reasons

There are few conditions that can cause hip pain in varying degrees.

• Most adults suffer from arthritic conditions leading to hip pain. Arthritis leads to infection of the hip joint, causing depletion of cartilage that provides cushion to hip bones. This causes reduced mobility in them;

• With ageing, the bones tend to get brittle due to calcium deficiency. This can fracture the hip joint, causing significant pain;

• Bursae sacs that provide lubrication to the bones in order to avoid abrasion, often get inflated. As a result, the bones cause a lot of friction, causing pain to the hip joint;

• Tendons that attach the bones to muscles, get infected due to overuse of the joints. This can also cause hip pain;

• Often labrum in the socket of the hip joint, gets overused causing hip pain. This is very common with athletes as they have hard movements.

Problem with the hip joint can lead to pain in the groin. Often the pain in the knee can radiate towards the hip, causing tremendous strain.

If you intend to purchase iReliev TENS Unit pad to get relief from hip pain, please read further down.

Relief from hip pain, using TENS Unit

TENS Unit can be effectively used to reduce hip pain, enabling you to perform your tasks well.
Indeed, a TENS Unit is the most preferred method to relieve hip pain.

Please visit our safety guidelines and list of possible side effects of using TENS Unit for hip pain, before purchasing them. These are mentioned further down the post.

Using the TENS Unit for hip pain

1. Place both the electrode pads from the first lead on the lower back portion of the spine;
2. Place the electrode pad on the hip from the second lead;
3. Turn on the Unit with a low setting, gradually increasing the speed;
4. Regulate the setting until you feel comfortable using the Unit;
5. Continue the same for under half an hour maximum.

Electrical vibration from the TENS Unit blocks the pain signals that are transmitted to the brain. This reduces the pain sensations and can also be used a number of times, as needed. The beauty of this therapy is that it is not very pricey and relatively safe to use in contrast to treatments.

Safety precautions: Make sure the electrode pads never touch each other.

TENS Unit safety tips

Before operating the TENS Unit for your hip pain, please refer to the safety tips in order to avoid any accidents.

1. Position the electrode pads over the pain areas of the hip as mentioned above, to ensure that they are not very close to each other. Recommended distance should be at least 2 to 3 inches. This makes these electrode pads more effective to use;
2. Make sure the Unit is switched off before you attach the electrode pads to affected areas of the hip;
3. Read the instructions on how to use the TENS Unit carefully for hip pain in the sections above, for optimum results of the Unit and avoiding any safety concerns;
4. Make sure the electrodes are placed at a safe distance from each other;
5. Do not use the electrode pads on the skin surface with cuts, bruises, wounds or rashes;
6. Use the TENS Unit for no more than 30 minutes continuously. Over using of the Unit can cause issues.

Benefits of using the TENS Unit

iReliev TENS Unit comes with a bundle of benefits over traditional therapies and treatments for hip pain.
1. iReliev TENS Unit are easy to understand and use.
2. You can use the iReliev TENS Unit even when walking, sleeping or sitting;
3. iReliev TENS Units come in compact size, to fit in the pocket.

Side effects of using TENS Unit inappropriately

Make sure you read this section carefully before using TENS using to avoid any side effects.

1. Allergy caused due to electrode pads: it was noted in some cases that the adhesion on the electrode pads, causes redness of the skin irritation. If you experience this, try using hypoallergenic pads, instead.

2. Reusing the electrode pads: if you use the electrode pads for a longer time, there is a possibility of irritation on the area of application. Possibly clean the pads carefully with clean water, before reusing them again. Also try and leave it for a little longer time, before application.

3. Placement of electrode pads: prior to using the TENS Unit, do some research on where to place the electrode pads. Ensure you do not place them near sensitive or inappropriate regions.

4. Pregnant women: it is absolutely safe for expecting women to use a TENS Unit. However, avoid using the Unit in abdominal and pelvic regions.

5. Epileptic users: if you are suffering from epilepsy, TENS Unit can be used anywhere else except the neck and head region to avoid complications.

6. Cardiac conditions: for people suffering from cardiac issues, PLEASE AVOID USING TENS Unit.

7. Pacemaker users: people who have had pacemakers installed, should avoid using TENS Unit.

8. Discomfort to users: TENS Unit produces vibrations, which may cause a buzzing, tingling, or prickling sensation, bringing discomfort to few users.

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