5 Best Lower Back Pain Relief Products

We have five products which will help you to relieve your lower back pain.  Lower back pain is one of the most common pains we all suffer and is the #1 excuse for people not attending work.

If you are suffering we should have a product which will help you.

1 : Tens Unit

A TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit is an alternative to traditional medications.

Treatments can occur at home and are simple enough to be administered by the user. TENS units are also affordable with prices starting reasonably, and are very affordable.

Like a drug or painkiller, they confuse and blur the pathways where pain is transferred to the nervous system.  Unlike conventional medicines, they do so without the need for chemicals.

The TENS unit sends electrical signals to the area of pain that disrupt the pain signal causing the body to not “feel” the pain.  The benefit is no chemical is introduced to the body.  The electrical impulses are adjusted by the user until the pain is no longer felt.

If you are looking to purchase a Tens unit I highly recommend you check out the iReliev Tens Unit.

2 : Painkillers

Conventional pain killers remain one of the top remedies for back pain relief. Millions, if not billions of people worldwide use traditional painkillers to ease pain symptoms every year.

How effective they are, is dependent on the individual and the type of back pain.  Ibuprofen, paracetamol, are available without a prescription, and are very popular. They all can help relieve some back pain. However, they have side effects including nausea, ulcers and kidney damage.

Stronger painkillers like Opioids carry the risk of addiction along with other symptoms like constipation.  These only treat the pain however, so relief is temporary. They do not improve the back problem; they do not treat the underlying cause.

Back Massager

A back massager can relieve back pain without the side effects caused by medication. Massagers can loosen up muscles.

Back muscle spasm and tightness is the main cause of some types of back pain.  So, this method will reduce your pain symptoms.

Massagers will not work on all types of pain arising from herniated or bulging discs.  These can relieve muscle-related back pain, again only temporarily by loosening cramps and providing relief.

3 : Creams, Gels and Rub-on Painkillers

Painkiller creams and gels are another option for back pain.  These solutions are rubbed onto, then absorbed into the area of pain and deliver a topical painkilling medication to provide relief at the exact site of the pain.

The advantage is that the medication is delivered only where needed.  In certain types of muscular back pain, it can be more effective way to administer relief and patients do not need to risk symptoms from oral painkillers.

Creams and gels only provide temporary relief and they can be messy to apply.  They may also cause some skin irritation in a number of patients.

4 : Cold Packs and Heat Pads

Cold packs and heat pads are another way to relieve back pain.  Applied to the localized area of the pain, an ice pack can reduce swelling and the heating pad will relax and loosen the muscles.

This type of therapy is good for chronic pain as there are few side effects.  The ice pack, too, is applied right at where the pain starts.  The cold reduces swelling in the back, thus, reducing the pain.

After a couple of days, start applying a heat pad.  Use the heat pad for 15-20 minutes at a time, several times a day to loosen and sooth muscles over the next 3 days or as needed.

5 : Non Medicated Options for Back Pain

There are other therapies and treatments out there to soothe your back pain. These include orthopaedic mattresses with dense memory foam and gels that help cradle your body and improve your sleep posture, during the night.  All the way to ergonomic seat cushions and chairs, especially designed to improve your posture during the day.

Ultimately, treating back pain by finding the cause and changing your routine is the best way to solve your back pain permanently.  Long term, it’s up to you to make changes in your life to prevent back pain.

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