Will a TENS Unit Help Break up Scar Tissue?

Scar tissue develops as a result of burns, deep cuts or any injury that penetrates or disrupts the skin’s surface. Skin does have an amazing capacity to heal itself, so when injured a scab is formed following the injury.

After several days the scab naturally comes away and the body then creates collagen fibres to strengthen the injury.

Scars can have some characteristics that can cause long-term effects.  It is possible to use physical therapy treatments to treat scar tissue before a patient has problems.  Scars can become hard, non-flexible, with bands of fibres on or just below the surface of the skin, the skin tightens and can become dry.

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Will a TENS unit help break up scar tissue?

TENS is a typically a higher frequency current that primarily affects the nervous system and causes little to no muscular activity.

The primary goal of a TENS treatment is to reduce the level of pain in an injured area, which may allow you to return to function with less pain.  TENS will not help scar tissue.

EMS for scar tissue

However, EMS treatment is focused on directly stimulating the underlying muscular structures.  Higher power levels combine with frequencies in the range that promote muscle contraction.

This can be used to relax a tight muscle and promote normal muscle mode, importantly EMS can help break up scar tissue adhesions and restore lost joint motion.

How to break up scar tissue

Not only with the use os EMS.  There is also a more specific way using Micro current Point Stimulation (MPS), this treatment for pain combines the principles of acupuncture and neurology with micro current stimulation.

MPS applies a low electric current over the skin of key acupuncture and trigger points to duplicate the pain relieving and cellular changing benefits of acupuncture.  When MPS is applied through scars to loosen the scar, it is called Scar Release Therapy or SRT.

Ultrasound technology for scar tissue

Ultrasound is a device that sends ultrasonic sound waves through your skin into the tissues below. Frequencies of the wave can be adjusted depending on how deep the waves must penetrate.

There are two effects of therapeutic ultrasound: non-thermal and thermal.  Non-thermal, the ultrasound works to break up scar tissue by using the vibration from the wave.

A mass of scar tissue experiences a pressure change with the sound wave, causing it to break up into progressively smaller masses until finally disappearing for good.

This has been for a long time now in procedures in which gall and kidney stones are broken up by the use of ultrasound.

The waves are absorbed by structures beneath the skin, such as ligaments, tendons and as we have discussed, scar tissue.  The absorption creates a thermal effect as the waves vibrate throughout the structure.  This increases blood flow into the area to promote faster recovery.

Blood vessels dilate due to the heat so that swelling and the accumulation of fluid in certain tissues within the body, are released.  Leading to reduced pain.  Fresh blood full of oxygen and nutrients can now flow through to aid in rebuilding tissue throughout the scar.




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